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An assistant is expected to have deep knowledge of the domain. Additionally a virtual assistant should be able to understand user input and produce meaningful output. We can make that happen. Talk to us to understand how you can give your business the chatbot boost.

You can Email us or Whatsapp us on +91 9581000016.

How Kenyt Real Estate Assistant Works?

Trained for your property

Our virtual assistants are trained with detailed data of your property, so they can answer any query - right from the floor plans, tiles quality, finance options etc.

Generating quality leads

Virtual assistants never forget their end goal - to generate quality leads. Once a good lead is identified from chat, the assistant makes sure to get customer contact details.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Along with property specific knowledge, Kenyt virtual assistants have deep knowledge of general real estate queries, e.g. NRI concerns, vaastu, govt policies.

Engaging with customers

Kenyt AiDE engages with customers even after first chat session ends - giving them personalised regular updates and prompting to re-initiate the discussion.

Helping ground sales team

Your sales team is always kept up to date with full details of all the leads generated, via a rich dashboard and daily emails, which they can use for next level follow up. 

Getting smarter everyday

We look at each and every message we receive and ensure our systems understand those properly. As it is a machine learned AI system, it is constantly getting better at this.

We are Hiring

Let's build a great product together. If solving hard problems give you a kick, then reach out to us at Here are current openings

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