Brite Bht-450 Trimmers White

  • Brite Bht-450 Trimmers White
  • Brite Bht-450 Trimmers White

Brite Bht-450 Trimmers White

men , cordless , 5 combs ,
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Number of Combs
5 combs

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8 - 8.3

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"good quality and services."

Colour White
Corded /Cordless Yes
Reachargeble Battery Yes
Charging Time Below 5 Hours
Auto Overload Off No
Warranty 6 Months
Power 220V-50/60Hz 3W
Touch Men
Tension 2 In 1 Usage For Chargeable & Battery Operated
Brand Brite
SUPC SDL043490773
Product Id TRI34923

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