Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What factors are taken into account to rank products?

    We use product specifications, popularity, brand popularity, search volume, page views, ratings, reviewss, user feedback etc. to rank the products.

  2. How are top 10 rankings different from what others published?

    Our top 10 ranking is completely data driven and not based on manual research done by an individual. Because of this you always get most up to date, accurate and unbiased ranking.

  3. What kind of top 10 lists are available?

    Our engine can produce any top 10 list you want. You can get top 10 by price, brand, seller or specs. So "top 10 mobiles under 10000", "top 10 mobiles under 10000 with fingerprint sensor" or "top 10 mobiles under 10000 with fingerprint sensor from Lenovo, Motorola, Samsung" , all are possible.

  4. How frequently prices are updated?

    We update prices 2-3 times every week. So prices are not older than that.

  5. How review sentiment ratings are determined?

    Our system looks at all the user reviews line by line and determine what aspect user is talking about and what is the sentiment. Our review score reflects number of positive sentences found for an aspect compared to negative ones.